Character 16×1 LCD Module

Monochrome LCD display for Industry application, include digital panel meter, UPS, inverter, multi-function meter, POS machines, Fuel Dispenser, Oil Dispenser, Gas Dispenser, Flow Meter, KWH Meter, Energy Meter, Water Meter, Gas Meter, Smart Meter, Clock.


Principle of Character 16×1 LCD Module monochrome liquid crystal display:

LCD technology is to fill the liquid crystal between two planes with narrow grooves. The grooves on these two planes are perpendicular to each other (intersecting at 90 degrees). If the molecules on one plane are arranged from north to south, the molecules on the other plane are arranged from east to west, and the molecules between the two planes are forced into a 90-degree twisted state. Since the light travels in the direction of the molecular arrangement, the light is also twisted 90 degrees when passing through the liquid crystal. However, when a voltage is applied to the liquid crystal, the molecules will be rearranged vertically, so that the light can be emitted directly without any twisting.

Display Format 16×1 Character LCD Display module
Interface 6800 4-bit / 8-bit Parallel
IC or Equivalent ST7066U / AIP31066 / HD44780
Connection Pin Header
IC Package COB
Display Type FSTN /STN. Gray/Yellow-Green/Blue
Viewing Direction 6:00/12:00
Power Supply(Typ) 3.3V/5.0V
Operating Temperature -20?~70?
Storage Temperature -30?~80?

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